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I'm over the moon to announce that I've started shooting for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, it's a true honor.

During the pandemic I spent a lot of time shooting infrared, as part of a project I've taken to calling "In Any Case, The Moon.' You can see those here.

Also during the pandemic I picked up a drone, and I've been shooting abstract images with me, they look like martian landscapes, with a lone trail of footprints here or there. Those images can be found on the 👽 Rover page.

I wrote a new post in response to comments and questions I've gotten on Instagram about high ISO and how I get those images to look "clean."

I've been shooting "Pandemic Portraits" of some of the people at The Daily Show. Follow the #dailyshowfolks hashtag on to see them as they're posted.

I recently wrote about my use of a waveform in my workflow on Petapixel.

You can read a deeper dive on my blog here.

Ongoing projects:


I've completed my photo book "The Family Tools," documenting the three-generation collection of tools and my family of stagehands. Some of those images live on a separate Instagram account here.

Documentary photography for The Daily Show. You can see some of that work here as well as on Instagram @ImSeanGallagher

I shoot and sell large "fine art" prints of can see them on my "Featherphotographer" feed.

I was formerly known online as "Ruminasean." That site can be found here.   


Any and all new work will appear in this space. 

You can email me here with questions and inquiries.

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