Hi, I'm Sean Gallagher. I've been shooting both onstage and off for The Daily Show for the past five years, whether providing stills for guests - both celebrity as well as political and creatives - as well as documenting what life is like backstage at a television show. 

During the past five years, my work has been featured in: NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Variety, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Sunday Today with Willie Geist, CBS Sunday Morning, on billboard campaigns in L.A. and subway/bus advertising in NYC, at the Paley Center for Media (formerly Museum of TV and Radio), onstage during the Emmy awards ceremony, on the front of TDS Headquarters as well as other publications and uses too numerous to count.

For my personal work, I'm releasing a book in time for the holidays in 2021 about the history of my family as scenic carpenters along with their tool collections. I've been a working portrait photographer for decades, and work on images to help add character for wall spaces for interior decorators worldwide. As a hobby, I love to kayak, hike and bike always while carrying my infrared camera.

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